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As the human body requires physical food to survive, so is the spirit and soul. However, the spirit and soul are not physical beings therefore their spiritual food is derived from either the Trinity of God or the devil. Since God's intent for us is to keep close to Him, it is very imperative for us to commit to His intent to prosper our soul and spirit. From this Biblical concept comes the program entitled "Spiritual Digest". Spiritual Digest is a soul searching program that put much emphasis on the need to feed the soul and spiritual of humanity with the unadulterated word of God. Weeknights at 8:00 PM

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Moment Of Worship

Worship is usually known or considered by some Christian believers as praying alongside slow song by the entire church, the choir, or individual believers. It is also considered by some as placing offering into the basket or volunteering in other departmental bodies in the church. While all these activities contributes,symbolizes, and expresses an aspect of pure worship, a true worship also honors God with a heart-felt extravagant love and utmost submission to God's kingdom business.
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